Well, here we are, Forever Free pack. This is for wolves, cats, bears, dragons, all of it. Otherkin, psychics, whatever, you are welcome. Absolutly no roleplayers though, I mean seriously, this includes peoples beleifs, and if you slander anyone and their beleifs here you are done, for good. This pack is here to provide a home of sorts for misjudged therians, otherkin, you name it. Humans are welcome, as long as they don't call us crazy. Post in the fourums, post vidios, pics, whatever, but if they are inapropriat, I am deleting you, and your posts. Have fun, and forever may you run free, blessed be.

I am the creator of this pack. But I leave the status of Alpha to my sister, Shining, My name is  Shadow Moonsong. I will do my best to be around, but sometimes I won't be. I expect everyone to be respectful.
I am your Alpha. My name is Shining Spirit Moonsong. My element is water. I am the sister of Shadow Moonsong, I am always easy going and happy but I will fight for the ones I love tell my very last breath. I am always here for all of you, I may be a stranger but I care about all of you. If you ever need to just let your feelings out, awesome! You can as long as it abides by the rules. Make new friends form bonds and run forever free!
Rules: 1. Never slander another pack member's beleifs
2. No cussing if you can help it
3.No going on insane rants on what is real and what is not.
4.No starting arguments that are sure to get out of Hand
5.No stating that you or anyone else is better than another
6.No role playing, you can set up drama scenes like in a play, but no roleplaying as someone or something else.
7.Always be mindful and respectful of eachother and your Alpha, and Beta's.
8.Enjoy your time here, ask questions, make observations, have fun, and make friends.